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The DisCO Project’s long planned dreams are becoming a reality: real tools for more new DisCO cooperatives in the world! Now, we’ve made it possible for donors (individuals or groups) to support our long-term mission. 


Please donate to the DisCO project and help us continue our work, including:


  1. Creating resources for people to launch new DisCOs
  2. Creating the DisCO Deck open source software
  3. Mentoring new and existing DisCO LABS
  4. Participatory action research around DisCO
  5. Cat memes, so cats can reclaim what’s rightfully theirs: the Internet


Ways to donate:


  • Open Collective is a community-oriented, transparent and open source alternative to platforms such as Patreon.
  • Contact us if you prefer to donate directly to us, we can provide banking details.

THANK YOU for helping us continue our DisCO Mission.