Laura Hughes

My name is Laura Hughes, you are reading my bio, prepare for fries. Actually, there are no fries, sorry, if we were hanging out I would totally feed you though. With that, I have been working as a children’s mental health therapist for the past 5 years. I stepped into the field of mental health in the hopes of making a difference for people one family at a time. The more time I spent in the field, the more I came to understand the innate societal issues that make surviving a challenge and thriving almost impossible. When Lisha Sterling introduced me to Geeks With Out Bounds and their current work with the DISCO project, I was immediately interested. The work to create a different framework for accomplishment, help alleviate power dynamics, and create communities is so exciting and such a different way to approach many of the societal problems I have encountered in my work with children and families.

Five (or less) Questions

Are you a good dancer? How do you know?

I am a good dancer. I know this because my kids tell me I am the “best dancer they have ever seen.” Also I have received random compliments on being able to “really bust a groove.” This is a pretty cool development in my adult life as I 100% embraced my utter clumsiness growing up. I give my years involved in Belly dance credit, that and dancing at drag shows. It is actually a pretty conditional talent though because if you ask me to show cool dance moves I will most definitely not be able to, if you throw on some good tunes and ignore me for a few minutes I will inevitably be dancing.

Have you ever been told you look like someone famous, who was it?

I have been told, in different times of my life that I look like 3 different celebrities. I was told by many people in my young adult life that I look like Helen Hunt. The second, was Katherine Heigl (like really?) and the third was Jennifer Lawrence. Which I thought was super sweet albeit inaccurate. However, a very ‘helpful’ coworker made sure to vehemently agree and state “You do look like a much OLDER Jennifer Lawrence.” Funny because I am only 4 years her senior….grumble grumble children of the 90’s….

What is your favorite magical, fictitious or mythological creature?

My favorite fictional character is, and likely always will be, Eowyn from the Lord of the Rings. She was such a cool role model to have as a kid. Such a talented and intelligent lady, trying her best to fulfill the expectations of her role. In the end she just has to do what she thinks is right and ends up kicking butt and taking names. I have had a lot of people puzzled as to why I think she is so cool. To me it is quite obvious, she stares down the second scariest bad guy in the dang series as he is taunting her and she tells him to step off or be smote (ah paraphrasing) and then of course he is smitten. Gotta love the girl power.