Multi-Talented MakerSpace

Multi-Talented Makerspace (MTM) is the brainchild of Brian Tinoota, a young man from Zimbabwe that Stacco met at YIP. Brian is creating the first Zimbabwean Makerspace which will be run as a DisCO. We’re working together with MTM as a DisCO to learn from each other and see how DisCO can be applied in very different cultural and economic contexts.


Multi-Talented Makerspace (MTM) is a non-profit association created to operate the first open-source digital fabrication laboratory (FabLab)/makerspace for Zimbabweans to come together and share information, learn practical skills and become self-sufficient and resilient entrepreneurs. A FabLab/makerspace is a small-scale workshop offering (personal) digital fabrication. MTM is set to create access and space for inventors, innovators and employment creators to come together, harness their individual talents and start initiatives in Zimbabwean society. The makerspace aims to enable a green, eco-friendly, and sustainable environment through research and development, education and training, technological and innovation awareness.

We believe that a single action can make a difference in Zimbabwe’s community (and collaboration with existing digital fabrication labs will contribute to collective action that can greatly impact the world in a positive way. MTM offers community workshops and outreach activities that will inspire people to help each other by developing their individual talents and contributing to the greater good.

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