The DisCO MOTHERSHIP is the team tasked with carrying out the DisCO Project . It features people from Guerrilla Media Collective, new team members and, leading the tech development side, our sister organization Mikorizal Software. We operate together as one integrated team. Both organizations (DisCO.coop and Mikorizal) form a multi-node DisCO.



There will be plenty more info on the DisCONAUTS soon. For now here are some puzzles for you:

  • Which of us got fired from the Apple call center for having great customer feedback (by telling people not to buy tech-obsolescent crap?)
  • Who missed Occupy Brazil because of one very bad hot dog? 
  • Which of us is an herbalist and grandma, who set up cybersecurity at Standing Rock?
  • Who nearly joined a cult, but stayed on a little longer because the rituals were so fun?
  • Who gets followed around by crows, worldwide? (DisCO crows, obviously!)
  • Extra credit: how many art-school dropouts does it take to change the economy?


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