Lara San Mamés

Hey there! I am Lara and I am a translator. I love reading since I learnt the alphabet and I soon discovered languages as a boarding pass to a different dimension full of amazing stories and wonders. Translation is the key to spread information and make it accessible to the greatest number of people, but also to trigger and raise social awareness of many neglected issues. Cosmic enthusiast, sociable bookworm and always ready for a party: that is me!

Five Questions

What is your favorite magical, fictitious or mythological creature?
The Sphinx. I am a big fan of classic mythology and even though Pegasus is very cute, the Sphinx is the most kickass creature ever. Wanna hear a riddle?

Where would you time-travel, if it were possible?
Jurassic times. I would love to check on Littlefoot and his family of “longnecks”.

If you could have a superpower, what would it be and why?
Stop time. I would need at least 30-40 hours a day to do everything I want in a single day… And I am sure I would still forget to water my plants.

If you could travel to any other planet (real or fictional), where would you go and why?
Definitely a wizarding and magical world like JK Rowling’s. I may be too old for Hogwarts, but I would love to learn a spell or two.

Do you collect anything?
Not actively, but I recently considered I may be developing a compulsive book hoarding syndrome…