Brian Tinoota

A trailblazer, introvert, music lover. I have some experience in economic history, theater and I’m really interested in understanding how economic systems work and how to create new alternative to the failing ones.

After experiencing the same story facing Zimbabwean youths of today, who graduate from school and university faced with the great challenge of unemployment. As somebody who faced this challenge first hand, I started to realize that the system was failing and decided to venture into social entrepreneurship as an alternative. During a social entrepreneurship educational program, I was introduced to DisCO and commons-oriented economics.

Brian speaks about his values and his experience at the Youth Initiative Program (YIP) where Brian and Stacco Troncoso met in 2019, working on DisCO prototypes and more.

Five Questions *

What is your favourite magical, fictitious or mythological creature?

Dobbie from the movie Harry Porter

What’s the worst haircut you ever had?

Being bald like a potato

If you could choose to be one age forever, what age would you choose and why?

I would like to be 60years. I like to see my hair greying

Are you a good dancer? How do you know?

Yes, I trust my abilities its just that most of the times I’m shy to dance

Do you collect anything?

I collect nice stones from any new country I visit

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